Vick be crazy
Vick be crazy
  • Wars Won34
  • Members45
  • War FrequencyTwice a week
  • RecruitingInvite Only
  • Required Trophies1400
  • Clan LocationInternational
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Clan Tag#2JGGORCL
  • About Us

    We are a fun and competitive clan who casually war twice a week. Chat is friendly and always willing to give advice.
  • Request and Donation Rules

    - Do not request specific level troops, unless for war
    - New members please donate before requesting
    - Keep a ratio of 1:3 donations
  • War Notes

    - Do not deviate far from your recommended target
    - Allow Co-leaders to fill war clan castles
    - Failure to use both attacks may result in kick, unless previously discussed with an elder



jarboekamon Idcassady

Spike aaa88 86


ZBruinfan bryanspitz Camilin Hoozie71 Billy : N1cO : Noni21 ucfmattp

Barbarian Dan Serena Monique pyruvate Sarah .Inked. Philthy22 jean puetz


bro scott welz buta_wigg betty fed Amanda chicken

By: Mark Das